Six things that helped me through the day after the worst day ever

It’s been around 24 hours since old mate DT got elected as America’s next president, and I have been depressed for a solid 16 of those hours. The other eight I was asleep.

There are enough unfathomable stories running that could keep me sad for the next four years, but I just can’t keep going through these motions anymore (for now anyway). The shit reality of yesterday is going to be around until 2020; so instead of letting it stink up the place I want to try feeding it to roses.

Here are some thoughts that have helped my crippled heart:

  1. Hillary won the popular vote, but she lost the college electorate. I didn’t understand what that meant until this morning, but it seems old mate DT was right; the system is kind of rigged. However, find solace in the knowledge that while it is slight, the majority of Americans aren’t that keen on dickheads in the White House. There is strength in numbers!
  2. Michelle Obama’s speeches are bloody good. Time will tell if she’ll be willing to climb the political ladder, but why wait that long? We can take these messages with us wherever we go, right now. If they go low, you go high.
  3. People are already up and about, ready to make a difference. Obama has already protected Planned Parenthood before DT could squint at it, with multiple weeks left in office. People are still feeling the Bern. When the tears subside the anger WILL drive change.
  4. Take pride in the fact that you give a fuck this much. Do not listen to people who say “get over it” or anything along those lines. No. This is important. Politics are important. Whole demographics of people who are directly affected by this are important. And it is SO important to care right now; be proud that you can realise this.
  5. I’ve been hearing sentiments of the “disrespect” by anti-Trumpers towards other people’s “opinions”, and that us horrible people who disagree should be more mindful. This is bullshit. Personal attacks are always out of the question for everyone. BUT, sorry not sorry, that idea of respecting an opinion just because it came out of someone’s mouth is completely invalid when it is spurted with blatant contempt for whole communities of people. Multiply your number of opinions by the population disregarded within them, and you will have the extent of your hypocrisy. Catya.
  6. Do not shut up if you don’t want to shut up. Hillary isn’t everyone’s favourite but she was right in imploring us to never give up. She fought relentlessly for that damn glass ceiling, and it WILL be broken. But if people are annoyed because you have an opinion and not a dank meme, be gone with them. You’re not voicing to please; you’re voicing to make others feel less alone.

I know that I am talking from a privileged perspective; but for anyone reading this and concerned, I am here for you and I will fight for you.


Photo credit: ‘We can do it!’ by DonkeyHotey


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